Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dean Martin - Houston

Here is Dean singing the title track to the album I wrote about just a little earlier. Much more uptempo than the album version, this is the man just having fun with one of his greatest tracks.


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Jeremy, like thanks so Dinomuch for the add of my little Dinoblog to your blog list. And, I added a Dinolink at our ilovedinomartin yahoo group of your great Dinoblog on the Dinoreprise Dinoalbums. Remember you are most welcome to join our little Dinoconclave at ilovedinomartin....either the blog or the group sites. Long live our Master or Hip, our King of Cool, the one, the only DINO!!!!

happyfeet.dinojr said...

Hey Jeremy, I really love this song and especially this vid! So glad to find it on your blog too! Thanks so much for that! Dinoly yours, Nici

Inigo Jones said...

My father enjoys listening to Sinatra, but he always says that Dino was 'the man'...and then some. He could listen to DM night and day and never tire of him.