Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lucky Thirteen

These days I seem to find myself buying more re-issues of albums I already have than new music. It started happening several years ago and it's now pretty much the norm for me. I suppose part of it is getting older or, if I really want to sound old, today's music just doesn't have the same magic. I still manage to find each year some new albums that intrigue and seduce me so I thought I would throw out one of those dreaded best of lists. Some here are returning, some never went away and thankfully some are new. I would recommend any of these as proof that the world might not totally collapse in 2007.

1. Goldfrapp (Supernature) Imagine Marc Bolan coming back
to life to write a series of songs for the 21st century, now cross that with Marlene Dietrich in a disco and you've got Goldfrapp. Music made for 1974 in 2024 by the coolest woman on the planet.

2. James Dean Bradfield (The Great Western) Manic Street Preacher
singer comes out from the shadow of Richey James and Nicky Wire to create the best and most thoughtful rock album of the year.

3. Clint Mansell (The Fountain) Mansell's stunning score
to the most underrated film of the year performed by the Kronos Quartet and Mogwai.

4. Charlotte Gainsbourg (5:55) Charlotte returns with
Air and Jarvis Cocker to help craft an album that recalls her father and mothers finest.

5. The Who (Endless Wire) Pete Townshend is on fire again and this is a major
record. The songs are great but it's the mini-opera that really smokes.

6. Arctic Monkeys (Whatever People...) Worth every bit of the hype, the most
frenzied, frenetic and best debut since The libertines.

7. Susanna Hoffs + Matthew Sweet (Under The Covers)
Perfect selections, Hoffs lovely vocals and Richard Lloyd supplying the best guitar work of the year.
Bring on Vol. 2 please.

8. Camille (Le Fil) Kate Bush's Dreaming for the modern age, takes Bjork's
Medulla and makes it all the more listenable but not a bit compromised.

9. Hooverphonic (No More Sweet Music) Still one of the most sublime bands on the
planet. A daring double disc set that has them rethinking the album they just delivered.

10. Elvis Costello + Allen Toussaint (River in Reverse) My main man EC delivers another masterpiece this time with the great Toussaint.

11. New York Dolls (One Day....) I wish it was higher, still it's great to have
Johansen back believing in RocknRoll again.

12. Cat Power (The Greatest) Chan Marshal in Memphis, sobering up and playing with
some of Al Green's rhythm section. As great as the album is it's the live work that's leaked since that is even better.

13. The Raconteurs (Broken Boy Soldiers) Jack White, with my beloved Meg nowhere
in sight, delivers the best classic rock album of the year. Play it in the car
loud but it's still no Satan Get Behind Me.


Guuzbourg said...

hey jeremy, thanks for linking my blog. i read your posts with pleasure and interest, lovely pictures you post. enchantee.

Jeremy Richey said...

I am glad you are enjoying the blog. I love yours, thanks back to you for linking mine.
Thanks again.