Thursday, February 1, 2007

Blogging, Linking and Thousandth Hit.

It has been just over a month since I started this blog and I wanted to thank the people who have been visiting. I started keeping track a week or so ago to see how many hits I am getting and it's averaging about 100 a day. I think that's great considering this is still fairly young and I appreciate the comments and support.
I wanted to take a minute to mention my links, when I first started this I went on a linking rampage and I found myself obsessing over what to to add. I have decided to delete most of them as it was just too many and most could be found by just a simple search. I am keeping the links to other blogs, some message boards and am starting a new section I am calling Eurotika that will focus just on European favorites. This will continue to grow as I continue to find links. I am also starting a favorite links of the moment section which will be continually changing. I am debating what to do with the music links.
I wanted to mention a few of the blogs and message boards that I have linked to in case anyone might be wondering what they are and haven't visited them.
DVD Maniacs, Mobius and Laternia are three of the finest film boards online. They each have excellent Euro-sections and feature some of the most dedicated followers of film around. I greatly enjoy reading these boards and the most up to the minute film info can be found here.
The Real Good Time Together Forum is the best Lou Reed board on the net. Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with all things Lou and this is a great place to discuss his career.
Several of the blogs I visit daily are dedicated to mostly French Music and these include Dans Mon Cafe, Filles Souires, Blow-Up-Doll, Schlocker, Sound of Musique and Spiked Candy. These all offer some of the best and rarest downloads around. Each one of these provides every day with a new discovery and the work that are put into these is extraordinary.
Two very specific blogs are the ones dedicated to Dean Martin and Claudine Longet. On each of these you will find photos, rare videos and recordings of two true originals.
Tim Lucas' Video Watchblog is the companion blog to the Magazine and website Video Watchdog. Tim's kind comments on his blog concerning mine are I think the way many of you originally got here. Needless to say Tim is the man and his musings are always informative, entertaining and eye opening.
Greenbriar and Charlie Parker Was A Gunslinger offer some of the most incredible photographs that you'll ever see. Greenbriar is dedicated to classic Hollywood while Charlie Parker covers everything under the sun and is the home for downloads of the Truffaut-Hitchcock tapes.
Loronix is a bossa nova blog from Brazil that offers an incredible collection of hard to find albums. You'll find many treasures here and make countless discoveries.
Ashley Plath's Lessons From Things is another favorite. Every day she shares some great photos and songs, she has exquisitely diverse tastes and I always look forward to visiting her blog to see what singer or group she is highlighting. I especially love her theme Mondays, right now she is posting rare Sylvie Vartan each week.
Visit these sites if you get a chance and drop them a line of thanks or comment if you like what you see. A lot of hard work goes into them all.
I'll continue to work on this one, and try to improve it. Watching my counter hit it's 1st thousand mark was a real booster and I appreciate the support.

The photo is Joe Dallesandro and Stefania Casini when they were an item in the early 70s. It has absolutely nothing to do with this post but I thought such a great photo of an unbelievably gorgeous couple should be posted.


Ashley Plath said...

Thanks for your kind words! Congratulations on the thousandth hit and keep up the good work.


Jeremy Richey said...

No problem Ashley, I love your blog and appreciate all the hard work you put into it.
Thanks for you support.....