Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Nicoletta Elmi

Just like countless Hollywood productions wouldn't have been the same without child stars ranging from Natalie Wood to Jodie Foster, Italian Horror had it's own young important young starlet in Nicoletta Elmi.
Nicoletta added considerably to many cult favorites from the seventies in her work with directors like Visconti (Death In Venice), Paul Morrissey (Flesh For Frankenstein), Argento (Deep Red) and of course Mario Bava, whom she would work with twice, in Twitch Of The Death Nerve and Baron Blood.
Nicoletta always added something special to all of the films she appeared in from her work as a little girl all the way to her turn as a lovely woman playing the usher in Lamberto Bava's Demons.
Two personal favorites are her work in Aldo Lado's Who Saw Her Die and Luigi Bazzoni's Footprints. She brings much to both of these very mysterious films and more than holds her own with powerhouse actors like Florinda Bolkan.
It's regrettable that Nicoletta didn't continue her film career but I hope she has found happiness in her personal life. Tomorrow is her Birthday, let's hope she is celebrating in style. She remains an indelible and unique part of Italian film history.

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