Friday, February 9, 2007

NICO - Frozen Warnings (1969)

One of The Marble Index's finest moments. This beautiful video was put together in 1991 to celebrate the original cd release of Index. I still remember, like it was yesterday, finding this disc in an Evansville, Indiana record store. I was 17 and shopped at the store often, the guy behind the counter said 'good choice'. Without a doubt the understatement of my teenage years.


Anonymous said...

Your Nico postings are much appreciated. I believe she was a great artist, one of the rare musicians with a powerful sense of vision. I didn't know the new CD was coming out, and it's great to see that someone is revisiting her studio work with remastering and bonus tracks; it's a much-needed injection of quality for a career that petered out with way too many exploitative, unannotated live sets with cheap cover art. I've sometimes wondered if there was any deliberate thematic connection between "Frozen Warnings" and John Cale's "Antarctica Starts Here."

Jeremy Richey said...

Great comments, thank you for sharing them. I agree, I think all the later live work that has filled up the bins has hurt her contributions because it has taken attention away from the studio sides.
Check out the new John Cale interview on her in the latest Uncut.
Really interesting comparison between Cale's song and Frozen Warnings, I hadn't made that connection but it absolutely fits.
Thanks again for your comments.