Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stand Once Again!

March 20th will see the re-release of one of the most important catalogues in popular music. Long either out of print or only available with inferior sound quality, the Sly And The Family Stone catalogue has long needed an overhaul. The original seven blistering albums include A Whole New Thing, Dance To The Music, Life, Stand, There's a Riot Goin On, Fresh and Small Talk. No word yet on the final two albums he recorded later. The upcoming releases are all to be completely re-mastered with significant liner notes and bonus tracks. They will be available at a budget price for just a limited time and a box-set containing all of the discs will also be released for only around seventy bucks.
Alternately one of the most triumphant and tragic of all rock visionaries Sly Stone's music only improves with age. Everything from the celebratory nature of Dance To The Music to the dark paranoia of There's A Riot Goin On stands as some of the best soul, funk and rock ever recorded. The undervalued Fresh and Small Talk warrant a special note as they contain some of the greatest and least heard music Sly ever recorded.
Give thanks by buying these important releases and pay tribute to a man that broke down barriers in race and music and broke himself in the process. Let him know he's still loved, rock's greatest lost prophet might just have a few surprise notes left up his sleeve.

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