Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Anyone Here Seen Beatrice Dalle in Process?

A bit of a different post here today as I am writing on a film that I haven't seen. I first became aware of this 2004 French film when I bought the astonishing, and almost too intense, John Cale soundtrack. I am a big fan of Beatrice Dalle and read several widely varying reviews on the film ranging from high praise to overwhelming disgust.
It seems though that the film has fell off the map. A dvd was apparently scheduled by Tartan last year in Britain and France but was either never released or slipped out of print immediately.
I am just curious as to if anyone reading this blog might have seen this film and what their thoughts were.
The film was written and directed by C.S. Leigh and is apparently near silent, with only Cale's minimalistic piano score and an occasional brief slices of dialogue. I have read that it is made up of just 29 long shots which I find very intriguing.
I might be stabbing in the dark but any comments on this film, or links to an available dvd, would be greatly appreciated.


colinr said...

I haven't seen this film, but I remember it was apparently being released in Britain on DVD by Tartan Video. It was actually being advertised for sale with cover art and I had even pre-ordered it, but I got a message from the company I ordered it from that the DVD had been cancelled and my money was refunded.

That was over a year ago and it hasn't turned up since. I think it was going to be released in Tartan Video's Cine Lumiere collection of recent French films. (more of the other films here: )

Very strange it didn't turn up as I was also looking forward to checking it out.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks for posting this. So it seems that the dvd was never released which explains why I am having so much time coming across a copy. That's most helpful. Hopefully it will pop up eventually. Thanks for your help.

bloody sunday said...

I've seen it in a cinema festival (I think it was in Athens). It is shocking and heartbraking at the same time. The actress, while going through a personal crisis, discovers that she suffers from a terminal disease, and as a result she goes through a self-destructing trip to the edge of her limits.

It has almost no dialogue at all, and the haunting piano music by John Cale underlines the whole cold atmosphere created by the amazing cinematography by Giorgos Arvanitis. A must-see if you are lucky enough to catch it somewhere. Be careful though because it will ruin your mood...

Anonymous said...

The director leaked it himself on YouTube some time ago, but the copy is VHS-quality and has timecodes on it, as it was essentially a workprint. The film is absolutely beautiful though, a lost treasure... it's quite explicit.