Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bryan Ferry-What Goes On (April 1978)

Here is a very cool and very rare television performance of bearded Bryan Ferry performing his incredible Velvet Underground cover of WHAT GOES ON. It remains one of Ferry's most impassioned and impressive performances and deserved to be a much bigger hit than it was.


Ashley Plath said...

Hi Jeremy! That's great. I want to let you know that Lessons From Things has returned. (sorry to self-promote in your comments!)
xoxo, ashleyplath

cinebeats said...

I really love Bryan Ferry's voice and hi version of Waht Goes On is really nice. I've been listening to Roxy Music a lot lately so I enjoyed your posts about him.

I'm curious about his latest album and the upcoming Roxy Music release as well, so thanks for sharing news about them.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks for both of your comments.

Ashley, It's great to see your blog back in action.

Cinebeats, thanks for the comments. Glad to see that Roxy Music is another interest we share. Ferry's new album is great but it is the upcoming Roxy Music release (whenever that might be) that has really got me excited.