Monday, March 26, 2007

One Snowy Evening In Philadelphia

Sylvester Stallone had a feeling the weather forecasters were wrong. So he got his small crew together with the thought and hope that it would snow a day early and he could get the last shot of his film ROCKY BALBOA.
This is a photo from that eerie day evening in Philadelphia when it did indeed start snowing early which allowed one of the great films and characters of the seventies to be given a poignant and worthy farewell.
There is actually a book out now that chronicles different peoples stories from all over the world who have travelled to Philadelphia just to run up these steps. Perhaps to fill a childhood dream or to remind themselves of something that Sly wrote in the new film, that "The last thing to get old on person is their heart".
I like this shot very much, it appeared during the film's credits like some sort of ghost for those who stayed around. It also happens to be the last moment that Sylvester Stallone was ever photographed on the steps that he made immortal. Most of the crew had already packed up and gone home and he would shortly after this.
ROCKY BALBOA is out on dvd now with a great commentary from Sly, several deleted scenes, a wisely unused alternate ending and some documentaries. I wrote about how much this film meant to me in the very young days of this blog and I can't recommend the dvd highly enough.

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