Thursday, March 15, 2007

Return Of The New Flesh

Congratulations to Tim Lucas, one of this blogs biggest supporters and favorite people. Over at his always excellent VideoWatchblog is the exciting announcement that he will publish his complete on the set accounts for David Cronenberg's monumental Videodrome.
Fans of Videodrome and/or Lucas will be aware that Tim was the only reporter on the set of this, the most innovative film of the 1980s but that his work has only been seen in excerpts over the years. Head to the link below to read Tim's full story and mark your calendars for an important upcoming book. I can't wait.
The picture to the right is from the rare original novelization/tie in from 1982. Videodrome is currently available in one of Criterion's best sets and should be in the home of every film lover.


Tim Lucas said...

Thanks, Jeremy.

Wow, I've NEVER seen that VIDEODROME novelization cover before. Mine -- which I bought in the airport en route to Toronto to see a preview of the movie -- has the Universal US poster art on the cover. Author "Jack Martin" was a beard for acclaimed horror-fantasy novelist Dennis Etchison. Cronenberg, who wasn't aware it would be written incognito, impishly signed my copy "Dennis Etchison."

I hope you like the book when it finally surfaces! (Do all my books have to wait 25-30 years to see the light of day?)

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Tim,
No doubts here about absolutely loving the book. Videodrome is a film I will never tire of reading or thinking about. I really can't wait. Thanks again for visiting the blog and commenting.