Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sylvia Kristel and Francis Lai In The Studio Together

After the debacle of the first EMMANUELLE soundtrack which saw composer Pierre Bachelet lifting parts off of a King Crimson record without Robert Fripp's permission, the producer's of EMMANUELLE 2 hired famed composer Francis Lai to score the sequel.
Lai produced a fantastic score that was wonderfully evocative, erotic and perfectly complimented the follow up film that topped the original in almost all aspects.
The biggest coup of the scoring sessions was the idea to have Sylvia Kristel herself come in and perform the title track with Lia playing on and producing the sessions. The song remains a rare instance of a celebrity recording where everything goes right. Kristel's wonderful hesitant vocal matches Lai's lush music perfectly and she would record a French and English version. A single was released of the song and it was a minor hit in France and Japan.
Here are some very rare photos of Sylvia in the studio with Lai. They are taken from the incredible Japanese photo book from the early 80s dedicated to Kristel. It's one of my favorite books and I haven't seen these photos pop up online so I thought I would share.


cinebeats said...

Great photos! Francis Lai is a terrific composer and oddly enough, I've recently been listening to the Emmanuelle 2 soundtrack myself, which is very nice.

I'm happy we came across each other's blog since we obviously enjoy similar movies and music. :)

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks for the comments. We do seem to share a lot of similar tastes and I appreciate you continuing to check and comment.
Emmanuelle 2 is actually my favorite Lai album which is saying a lot. I love the Lelouch scores but there is something about this soundtrack that really blows me away.
Plus I am a huge Sylvia Kristel fan so her involvement helps.
Thanks again for your nice words.