Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bertolucci's 1900 Back in Stock But For How Long?

It appears that the recently reported pulling of 1900 might have been off. I have read so much conflicting information on different sites that I am really not sure of its status at this point. The only thing that seems for sure now is that it is still in stock, or back in stock, on some of the major online sellers like Amazon.
The film definitely did pull a disappearing act and I am wondering if anyone can confirm that the version currently back in print is the same uncut print that Paramount released last year?
My paranoia for the state of this film is based on all of the trouble it has had since it's release 30 years ago.
Whether or not it is legitimately back in print or if the final back stock of copies are being sold seems to be in question, my advice is get it while you can. I hope it stays in print for years to come but given the films troubled history I doubt this will happen.

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