Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Brando on TCM in May and the Nightcomers on dvd in June

Arriving in my mailbox over the weekend was my new issue of Turner Classic Movies very cheap and always handy NOW PLAYING. May's cover is particularly striking and I thought I would post a shot of it here. I am extremely excited about the Brando documentary that is beginning the night of May 1st and concluding on May 2nd. This is the first major documentary on Brando since his death and will feature new interviews with everyone ranging from Al Pacino to Jane Fonda on the great one.
TCM is also showing several Brando films throughout the month including his first film THE MEN all the way up to one of his last notable roles in Arthur Penn's odd THE MISSOURI BREAKS.
Just as exciting is the upcoming release of THE NIGHTCOMERS, one of Brando's rarest films. Made between his legendary work in THE GODFATHER and LAST TANGO IN PARIS Michael Winner's THE NIGHTCOMERS works as a prequel to Henry James' THE TURN OF THE SCREW. Brando delivers a really rough viceral performance as the sadistic Quint and his scenes with Stephanie Beacham are among the most brutal he ever performed. THE NIGHTCOMERS is a memorable, if flawed, film and I am glad to see that it is finally hitting American dvd of June 19th.


cinebeats said...

That Brando doc sounds fascinating! I'm also envious that you're getting a Brando film fest on Turner Classics. I really need to consider a more expensive cable TV package sooner or later...

And many thanks for the info about The Nightcomers DVD! I'm sooooooo happy about that!! The Nightcomers is my second favorite films adaptation of The Turn of the Screw after The Innocents, but it's really one of the most interesting movies Brando made in the 1970s. The director (Michael Winner) is an interesting guy with an unusal filmography.

I'm going to write-up a list of all the great DVDs coming out soon that I'm most excited about and I'll definitely add this one to this list!

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Kimberly,
I am really excited about seeing THE NIGHTCOMERS again, I haven't seen it for years and am looking curious to see if it will match my memory of it.
Thanks again for your comment.