Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cinema's Great Faces: Claudine Auger

Parisian born Claudine Auger was still a teenager when she won the title of Miss France and was a a runner up for Miss World in 1958. After a few years of modeling, some minor French film roles and training at the Paris Drama Conservatory she landed the plum role of Domino in the forth James Bond adventure, THUNDERBALL.

Auger's Domino is one of the great Bond girls and her work opposite Sean Connery provides some of the most memorable chemistry of the series. THUNDERBALL made her an overnight celebrity but she mostly stayed away from Hollywood and concentrated on European films. Some of her best work in the few years following THUNDERBALL were roles in Ettore Scola's THE DEVIL IN LOVE, Terence Young's TRIPLE CROSS and Alain Jessua's THE KILLING GAME opposite Jean-Pierre Cassell.
After the cult favorites ANYONE CAN PLAY and ESCALATION, Claudine appeared in the great giallo BLACK BELLY OF A TARANTULA. Shortly after this intense performance she filmed possibly her greatest role in Mario Bava's fantastic TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE. As the conniving Renata, Auger gives a great performance in one of Bava's most influential films.
She would continue her prolific work in Europe throughout the seventies, eighties and nineties including the great FLIC STORY opposite Alain Delon, and the disaster film THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE.
While Her role as Domino cemented Auger's place in film history she has had a remarkably varied and prolific career in front of the camera. She remains one of cinema's great and most unique beauties.


cinebeats said...

I love Claudine Auger! She's beautiful and a really great underrated actress in my opinion. Wonderful write-up about her Jeremy and I love the pics you shared!

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Kimberly,
I have been wanting to write on Claudine for awhile and post some photos. She's such a lovely and talented actress, I wish she was mentioned more.
As always...thanks

Wy said...

I just saw Claudine play "Mrs. Klein" in PBS's Sherlock Holmes series. She was awesome, playing a murderous aging cougar who had latched onto a young rich fool. Part of her plan resulted in Dr. Watson receiving a beating. Holmes was at his most deadly serious in bringing Mrs. Klein to bay. Claudine Auger was so good I googled her, and am glad I did. Her character was approx late 40s and she played it to perfection.