Thursday, April 5, 2007

Danielle Dax Reloaded

The very interesting and underrated career of Danielle Dax is being highlighted over at the excellent rare music blog
Hearing these very hard to find recordings again after so many years has been a pretty amazing experience. Dax was clearly one of the 80's most visionary and unique artists. I would also say that along with Kate Bush it could be argued that she was the most important female British artist of her era.
Her solo work, as well as her work with the post punk band The Lemon Kittens, remains regrettably out of print so in the meantime I highly recommend visiting the above blog and giving a listen to some really remarkable music.

Scroll through this amazing blog for other rare recordings from the likes of Opal, Lydia Lunch and Rainy Day (whom I highlighted in the early days of this blog).


beketaten said...

Holy god I love her so much!!

Thanks for this news!!

Jeremy Richey said...

No problem,
Thanks for checking out the blog.

Anonymous said...

DDax innovative music is a hidden jewel of the early eighties scene.

A rather nice unreleased 1985 live is available on another music rarities blog: