Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I Hate April Fools Day

I had it coming I suppose for thinking I got through April Fools day this year without incident. No friends or family played any jokes and I got through the day unscathed and actually breathed a sigh of relief as the 2nd rolled around.
This years delayed joke involved Gillian Anderson and the much rumored X-Files sequel. Yesterday morning I read a quote by David Duchovny that the wheels were finally in motion and that definitive plans were being made for the film with him and Anderson reprising their roles as Mulder and Scully.
Now I am huge X-Files fan. I miss the show terribly and have been wanting this movie to happen in a very serious way so this news pretty much made my day. Shortly before going to bed last night I came across a story on the internet that the film was a go but that Anderson had dropped out and was replaced by Julianne Moore.
It's hard to describe what an instantaneous deep depression feels like but that news brought on one. I moped around an hour or so with this news in my head trying to picture Moore as Scully and felt like I might have a meltdown. Even my cat was depressed by the news and I hate it when my cat gets depressed.
I wake up this morning to find that the story is...guess what...someones idea of an April Fools joke. So I think all is right in my little world and that Anderson will in fact play Scully again if they ever do make the movie. But of course now I am wondering about the original Duchovny quote and its authenticity.
It used to be that you might get plagued by a couple of friend's lame jokes on April first but now you have to deal with billions of pranksters online and apparently it stretches past the first. So I think I need to start dropping out for the first week of April or so because I am too damn gullible.
This Julianne Moore as Scully seed has been planted now in my paranoid mind and I won't feel okay about it until Gillian Anderson is on the set shooting the film, so thank you to the wonderful person who dreamed this up. Some things just aren't cool and my cat is still irritated this morning.

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Anonymous said...

I know, I hate when the cat-depression happens too, lol. Seriously.. so many people have said that Duchovny's irreplacable and everything works fine as long as he's in anything X-Files related, movie or whatever. For me though, it was always Gillian Anderson that couldn't be replaced. Things just wouldn't be right in my world. And she has some serious acting chops too, made obvious by the fact that to this day she's still having trouble shaking off viewers' image of her as the character "Scully", even though she's done some outstanding and completely different work since then. ("Bleak House", "House of Mirth"). Julianne Moore is a wonderful actress herself, of course, but it just wouldn't fit for me...