Monday, April 16, 2007

The Saga Of Brock Landers and Chest Rockwell

A major highlight in BOOGIE NIGHTS is the numerous clips of Jack Horner's fictional films that play throughout. Anderson gives them such an extremely authentic and real quality that it is easy to believe they are actually real films from the period. This sort of authenticity is an extremely hard thing to accomplish but the brief clips of Jack Horner's films and Amber Waves' film on Dirk succeed beautifully.
One of the great segments in BOOGIE NIGHTS is the opening sequence to the first Brock Landers film ANGELS LIVE IN MY TOWN. Watching the clip one can really appreciate the fact that Mark Wahlberg is asked in BOOGIE NIGHTS to basically play three persona's, first the innocent and lost teenager Eddie then the superstar Dirk and finally Dirk's alter-ego Brock.
Both Wahlberg are John C. Reilly give two of the greatest performances in 90s cinema. I have followed both their careers since this film and I am continually blown away by the fine and varied work they continue to deliver.
The ANGELS LIVE IN MY TOWN credit sequence is one of BOOGIE NIGHTS most iconic moments and ultimately, in watching Jack Horner's reaction to it, one of the most moving.

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