Sunday, April 22, 2007

So Long Premiere

Premiere has never been one of my favorite magazines, it has never held the almost mystical power of a Video Watchdog or a 1960's Playboy, but it has been a magazine I have consistently read over the past 18 years. Calling it one of the better current mainstream American film magazines is perhaps an understatement as any trip to a local bookstore will tell you, it was one of the only remaining mainstream American film magazines.
Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of film magazines around but the best ones are, more and more, genre specif publications. Premiere was a cheap monthly place a film lover could go and get info on mainstream films without the gossip and tabloid mentality that has taken over much of our printed world in the past fifteen or so years.
I recently found out that the April '07 issue of Premiere was their swan song as a printed publication. They will remain an online entity but ultimately who really cares? Premiere was one of the last places I went to for general film information that was offline. It is more than a little disheartening to go to the bookstore and see the magazine section in general growing but the film section quickly shrinking.
I'm nearly blinded every time I browse through the racks now by glossy tabloids posing as magazines and political rhetoric designed to upset people. The demise of Premiere seems to be another depressing reminder that the film and publication worlds are rapidly changing.
I guess I am more depressed by these changes happening so quickly around me than the collapse of a magazine that was never one of my favorites. Still I do remember first discovering Premiere through a defiant 1988 interview and cover story on Sean Young and the fact that they always a tried to sneak in a few surprises every issue.
I must admit I will miss it, not like the original Rolling Stone or Playboy but as simply something I could hold. Something that I could pick up when I wanted, wherever I wanted without staring at a flat screen and hearing a mechanical hum.

So in preparation for saying goodbye to a lot of things I have taken for granted, I have to long Premiere

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