Tuesday, May 8, 2007

John Carpenter Back In Western Kentucky

Over the weekend I received the exciting news from my film professor that John Carpenter is going to be visiting my school Friday to receive an honorary degree and will be meeting with students for a Q and A session. I must say the prospect of meeting Carpenter has me very excited and is ending an otherwise stressful semester on a very high note.
Carpenter and his his films are major favorites of mine and I can't imagine having grown up without HALLOWEEN, THE FOG, THE THING and ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK (The first rated R movie I ever saw in a theater!!)
One plus in being from Kentucky is noticing all of the local references Carpenter has thrown into his films, especially HALLOWEEN. It has always made me feel a little more a part of his films; my mom sharing a class with him in the sixties didn't hurt either.
I'll be posting a report on his talk and my reactions to it this weekend. I will try to compose myself and not blurt out about wanting to hear stories concerning Jamie Lee Curtis and P.J. Soles. I am trying to think of questions for him that wouldn't be too obvious. With the recent tragic death of Bob Clark I though I might ask about the influence BLACK CHRISTMAS had on HALLOWEEN and what the hold up is on his 1978 tv film ELVIS on dvd.
Anyway, I am very excited about getting to see the man in person and hope to have some good stories to share about it.


cinebeats said...

I hope you enjoy the John Carpenter Q & A. It sounds like a fun event.

You should ask him why he keeps letting people remake his movies. It's honestly getting on my nerves a bit and I can't figure out why he's letting all his movies be remade... except for the cash/publicity I guess? The remakes are all horrible to boot!

You should also ask him about Adrienne Barbeau. I really like her and I'm curious why they broke up. Maybe you know? It might be a bit rude to bring her up though.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Kimberly,
I just posted my first day reactions. The remakes irritate me very much and he was very open that it was just about a check to him. I admired that he didn't try to hide that it was anything but a financial issue...although I really wish they weren't happening at all. I am seeing him again tomorrow and would love to ask about Adrienne...not sure I will have the guts to though, ex's are always a bit tricky to bring up. She was always fantastic in her films and seemed like a very warm person to me.
Thanks for commenting, hope you enjoy myt post about his first talk.