Thursday, May 17, 2007

That Thing You Do Extended

Tim Lucas over at VideoWatchblog has a really terrific post on the really fine Tom Hanks film THAT THING YOU DO. This 1996 film written and directed by Hanks and starring a fantastic Liv Tyler has just been released in an extended cut. Tim's enthusiasm for this film had made me previously revisit it before and I am really looking forward to this new edition.
The always great Hanks proved himself an extraordinary writer and director with this film and it's a bit baffling as to why it didn't do better upon initial release. Along with Tyler the film features Tom Everett Scott, Giovanni Ribisi and the lovely and awesomely talented Charlize Theron (in just her third film).
I will post more on this film as soon as I can get the new disc. I just wanted to direct everyone over to Tim's thoughts as it's refreshing to be reminded that occasionally mainstream commercial Hollywood cinema can be as equally sublime as the more obscure genre oriented material we typically look at.

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