Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Best 11 Minutes Of The Weekend

Tim Lucas has posted a fascinating eleven minute video of him and Donna opening the first ever copies of his Mario Bava book over at his Bava book blog. For people, like myself, who have been eagerly anticipating this book for years this footage is incredible and really very moving to see.
As I was watching this, I was struck by how rare it is to glimpse an artist seeing their work in its final form for the first time. What a privilege the Lucas' have given us.
The book looks astonishing and I can't wait to be holding my actual copy myself. A great big congratulations to Tim and Donna and thank you for a peak into a moment that typically wouldn't be captured.

There is a direct link over to the video at Tim's Video Watchblog which is linked over to the right.


colinr said...

It is a nice video. I'll post my excitement here as I can't on the Lucas site. I hope that their Bava book makes it to Britain some time! I'd certainly buy a copy!

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks for the comment,
I think it was a really cool thing of Tim and Donna to do...I have never been more excited about a book....

Tim Lucas said...

I can now post a reply to Colinr now that your Comments page is letting me post again.

The Bava book will be making it to Britain. The Cinema Store in London has ordered a few dozen copies, some which will shipped by air, others by seamail. The book will be shrinkwrapped, as all unsigned copies will, and the price may be a bit higher, but their stocking of the book will give you the opportunity of seeing it before you buy.

Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Tim for the update on the Bava book in Britain. I'm glad my comments section is working for you again...all the best