Sunday, June 3, 2007

Blog Recommendation: Carrie Fan Site

Over the weekend while I was searching around for some rare soundtracks I stumbled across an excellent blog that just started back in March. The Carrie Fan Site blog is, as you may have gathered, devoted entirely to Brian De Palma's classic 1976 film CARRIE. Readers of this blog might know of my admiration for De Palma and CARRIE remains one of his definitive films.
The Carrie Fan Site blog is a work in progress but it is already a fascinating and well designed journey into the world of Carrie White that contains information on all aspects of the film. It also looks at the film's off-spring, including the underrated sequel and the odd failed musical.
I highly recommend the blog to any fans of the film or De Palma in general. It is looking great, although a few more Amy Irving photos would be much appreciated.

I have added the link in my cinema blogs section to the right...check it out.


CarrieWhite said...

Well, thank you for the promotion! Unfortunately, I haven't found too many pics of Amy Irving. There's a few more that I haven't scanned in yet, but the bulk of the photos I have are of Spacek and Laurie. I can't seem to get screen captures from DVDs anymore (no matter how many settings I change), or I'd snag the press photos from the DVD documentaries -- I've never seen a lot of those anywhere else. I'll figure out a way to get 'em sooner or later.

Anyway, thanks again -- there's more to come!

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks for commenting.
I love your blog, keep up the great work on it!!!