Monday, June 25, 2007

Cristina Martinez and Boss Hog at Xholdesert

The xholdesert blog (linked to the right) continues to be one of the best places around to find some of the most fantastic out of print music around. Featuring everyone from Danielle Dax to Opal, this blogger really knows their stuff and is doing a service by featuring so many unjustly out of print acts.
Xholdesert are really topping themselves this week with a series on my much loved Cristina Martinez and Boss Hog. I paid tribute to Cristina back in January and I am glad to see that I am not the only one who remembers this phenomenally talented and underrated artist.
I'm not sure how much Xholdesert will post but as almost all of Cristina's catalogue is out of print (and with no re-issues in sight) these downloads are the best thing going...check them out and then try to track down the actual records. I miss Cristina and wish she would make her return...thanks to xholdesert for paying tribute to her.

oh and in case it comes up, I don't support the illegal downloading of available music but I do support these small sites that keep the out of print catalogues of unjustly neglected artists in circulation. These albums are extremely hard to find so right now this is the best route, use it as an introduction and stepping board to tracking down the actual records and discs, not as a substitution...


Richard Gibson said...

Yup, I have a couple of BH LP's too, they were a decent group. Wow Danielle Dax was known in the US? She was semi-well known circa 85/86 here (UK). Colorblind James -now there is a band in need of a blog post or blog-a-thon, 'Considering a Move to Memphis'.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Richard,
Dax was never very well known in the States but she was always one of my favorites...I'll have to check out that other band you mentioned...thanks for commenting.