Sunday, June 17, 2007

Eli Roth's MySpace Post On Hostel Part 2

Eli Roth has posted a very sincere message over at his MySpace account on the failure of HOSTEL PART 2. He seems extremely frustrated, and legitimately so, about the ever increasing problem of Internet piracy in the film industry and the fact that many have been reviewing an unfinished workprint of his film.
I personally believe that illegal downloading is hurting films much more than perhaps the studios are even calculating. I don't think HOSTEL PART 2 stood much of a chance mid-summer but having a workprint leaked a week before its release clearly hurt it.
Roth also admits that he is pretty exhausted and will be taking a break for what sounds like at least a year. I suppose that is good news for some but the more I have thought about it, my opinion of HOSTEL PART 2 has gone up even more and I plan on seeing it again before it is gone in a week or so.
He also speaks on the inevitable return of softer PG13 horror films, a thought which really turns my stomach but with the failure of HILLS HAVE EYES 2, GRINDHOUSE and now HOSTEL PART 2 in just the past few months that is most likely the direction the studios will take.
If you have a MySpace account, head over to Roth's blog at:
It is an interesting read and I think it is great the guy is still attempting to keep in contact with his fans. And if you did enjoy HOSTEL PART 2 why not see it again in a theater? I have a feeling after next year we won't be able to see its like on the big screen for awhile.


Cinebeats said...

I felt bad for him as well as the horror genre in general when I read this at Myspace.

I also read Dave Poland's pathetic excuse for a film review here. As I've said elsewhere, I found it so unprofessional, uninformed and offensive that it was just plain hard to read. When a writer declares moral judgment over a filmmaker after buying a bootleg copy of the film, he's just shot himself in both feet and I can't believe that anyone took what he had to say seriously.

It's amazing to me that so many people who don't seem to like R rated horror or Roth personally (as if they know the guy outside of his Circus-like movie promotional mode) have decided to set him up as a straw man in their negative and pointless arguments. I've come across so many ugly reviews and personal attacks of Hostel 2 & Hostel 1, as well as Roth himself that I'm surprised the movies doing as well as it is frankly.

I can't imagine how so many ugly reviews of a film combined with popular critics announcing to the world that you can easily get bootleg copies of it, can NOT effect a movie's box office. It's ridiculous to think otherwise in my opinion.

I'm starting to feel like I'm stepping back in time... at this point I blame the wave of conservatism that's sweeping across the US as well as the world for the kind of backward moralizing I've read in regards to Roth and horror films in general lately. It's all been really sad.

My guy and I are seeing Hostel 2 tonight btw.

Rogue Spy 007 said...

I think the enemy are those on both sides of the political spectrum, conservative and liberal, who see Hard R movies as something to be done away with. I've talked with religious conservatives and liberal feminists who join forces against movies like these. We are living in politically correct times when they want everything to be white washed and sanitized. There is no room for anything shocking, titillating, and innovative. They want more of the same old bland thing that we've seen a million times.
The world and its people can be cruel and vicious. Movies didn't make them that way. People have been like that since the beginning of time. I'm so sick of all these clowns who harp on movies, music, video games, etc.

I do feel sorry for Eli Roth. He has these so-called pundits who have never seen the movie, but sit in judgement of it. They decry its violence, sexuality, etc. Then you have those who are stealing the intellectual property of a filmmaker because they are too cheap to go pay for a movie ticket. I despise those critics who will always review a horror negatively because they are snobs against them. They consider horror movies below their high brow standards.

I thought it was a great picture. I wasn't that big a fan of the first one. I've admitted that before. It had some good points, but the frat boy first half ticked me off. I also didn't care much for any of the characters. I really loved this one. It had characters that I could root for. It was a good story with a variety of interesting characters, both good and evil.

I hate to think that Hollywood will now go back to making more of those crappy PG-13 horror movies starring all those no talented himbos and bimbos from the CW. I guess I'll be watching more older horror movies again.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Kimberly,
I agree with everything you are saying here and I find some of the vile and hateful personal attacks on Roth to be extremely distasteful and reprehensible.
I read Dave Poland's 'review' a week or so ago and I must say it made me angrier than anything I have read in a long time. There is also a 'review' in, I think the Village Voice, that calls Roth a poseur and p**sy in the first two sentences. I just find it all extremely disheartening when critics forget they are supposed to be reviewing a film and just resort to personal attacks on an artist that they don't even know.
This all reminds me of the backlash against slasher films in the early eighties accept that in this case it is one guy getting attacked instead of an entire genre.

I am really curious to hear what you think of the film. I'm glad to know that even if you don't like it then it will just be an opinion on a movie and not an occasion to stick a knife in a guy's back for making it. Even if I hadn't liked the film, which I did even more the second time, I would still be standing in Roth's corner.

Let me know what you think of the film and I hope you and your husband have an enjoyable evening out.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks also Keith,
I think you posted your response while I was responding to Kimberly's. I hold anyone in contempt, conservative or liberal, that takes this mindnumbing morally judgemental approach on an artist. It has been going on forever and will continue to but I will always find it disgusting.
I saw Hostel 2 again this afternoon and I must say it plays even better the second time. It really does have that European Giallo feel to it...I think Sergio Martino's films like "Torso" and "All The Colors Of The Dark" might be the films I connect it most to. At least those are the films that keep crossing my mind with it.
I think the 2008 election will bring an onslaught, from both sides, of hostility towards things like film, music and video because God knows they have a lot of real issues they need to deflect attention from. I am not looking forward to it.
As always, thanks for your comments.

Cinebeats said...

I totally agree with you Keith!

When I use the term "conservative thinking" I wasn't picking on one political group. So called "political correctness" (whatever the hell that means) is also to blame which I mentioned in a previous post about Hostel 2 in Jeremy's blog. I'm sure that the same people (Tipper Gore anyone?) who wanted to slap ratings on record labels are also making a huge fuss about so-called "torture porn."

I just really hate the fact that people - no matter what side of the political fence they're on - are trying to dictate what I watch, listen to and read. Will art exhibits be their next target? Will you have to be 18 years old to see Bosch's version of "Hell" or Caravaggio's painting of "Judith Beheading Holofernes"? Or will these paintings just be called "torture porn" by future critics and forced into some artistic gutter of unacceptability?

Whew! I'm getting peeved. Time to climb off my soap box and get some real laundry done. ;)

Rogue Spy 007 said...

Hey Jeremy & Kimberly,

I'm really enjoying this discussion. This is something that really ticks me off a lot. I understand Kimberly that you weren't trying to take potshots at just conservatives. There are plenty of idiots, both conservative and liberal, who get on their bully pulpit and use this issue to take the attention away from more important issues.

I happen to be a conservative myself. I believe in small government. I believe in letting people take personal responsbility for themselves. Stay out of my bedroom and my wallet. If I'm not infringing on the rights of others or hurting someone, then leave me alone. That's my political philosophy.

You have these people on both sides who decry Hard R movies as "torture porn," and that these films promote violence, exploit women, etc. If they don't want to watch them, then by all means don't watch them. No one is pointing a gun at their heads and forcing them to watch "Hostel 2" or some other movie of that nature.

We have the freedom to decide what we want to read, watch, listen to, etc. I love that about the Constitution.

The enemy is political correctness. They want to tell us how we should feel, what we should think, what we can say, what we can listen to or watch, what we can read, etc. You have those supporters of it on both sides. You find these people on the left with Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton, on the right with James Dobson and the Family Research Council, and all in between. It's the thought police and more than just that. Like I said before, they want a white washed and sanitized. They are so afraid of someone being offended by something that they want to ban anything that has the hint of controversy. They want to turn the world into a big old bore. Think of all the beautiful art, poetry, music, etc. that would be destroyed if they had their way. This would turn into something worse than the film "Equilibrium."

I would love to see "Hostel 2" again if I got the chance before it's out of theaters. I know I won't get a chance to see it while I'm in the mountains. Sure it wasn't a perfect film, but at least Roth is trying to do something different than the latest remake or PG-13 horror flick. I can't get that Bathory scene out of my head. It was amazingly done.

Cinebeats said...

Finally saw Hostel 2 and thought it was great. I need to get my thoughts together about it more, but I plan to add a more lengthy comment to your previous post Jeremy so we can maybe engage in a back and forth about the film better since you're one of the few bloggers I read who seemed to also enjoy the movie.

Jeremy Richey said...

Keith: Thnaks for your further comments, much appreciated.

Kimberly: Really glad to hear that you admired and enjoyed Hostel 2 has well and I am really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it. I will check the comments section to see if you post some.

I must say it is very nice to hear that you and Keith both enjoyed the film as it makes me feel not as alone as everyone seems to be attacking it.

Anonymous said...

Hi just out of interest guys, you are all saying how much you like these films and have a right to like them, though i am sure you can understand why many find them worrying, what is it you like about them? This may be just a film but does it not worry you that there is something in human nature that has these sick fantasies of enjoying watching others in excruciating agony? Im not making judgement, im just interested to know the other side cos it scare the shit out of me that there is such perversion and brutallisation out there, enjoying torturing others for the sake of it.