Friday, June 1, 2007

Anna (1967)

Premiering in 1967 on French television, Pierre Koralnik's ANNA is an absolute classic program built around the songs of Serge Gainsbourg and starring Anna Karina, Marianne Faithfull, Serge and Jean-Claude Brialy.
Incredible to look at and an obvious joy to hear, ANNA is a major delight from beginning to end.
Koralnik was just a few years away from directing the crazed Serge and Jane Birkin vehicle, CANNABIS, and he brings a real style to ANNA that places it well above the average television film. Anna Karina, just recently divorced from Jean-Luc Godard is beyond luminous and her vocal stylings are sweet and never less than effective. Brialy is charming and perhaps at the height of his physical beauty. Watching him in this near 90 minute production is liking watching the very definition of cool sophistication.

Truffaut's SUCH A GORGEOUS KID LIKE ME screenwriter, Jean-Louis Dabadie, is credited with the dialogue but the film belongs to the great songs of Serge Gainsbourg. The soundtrack album was really hard to track down here in the states for years but it can now be snagged fairly easily at Dusty Groove or Amazon. The lovely clip I am posting here is ironically not featured on the soundtrack but Faithfull is breathtaking in these shots and the glimpses of Brialy are priceless.

Unfortunately ANNA is still not available in America. I can't comprehend why this vintage and valuable film from the sixties is still so hard to see. Sections of it are up at YouTube and copies pop up on ebay pretty regularly but quality can vary. Hopefully one day this will get a proper dvd release.

Here is a very nice little article on the film as well as some brilliant screen caps:

also here is another page detailing an ANNA reunion of sorts:


cinebeats said...

I love that last pic of Jean-Claude & Anna together!

I'm dying to see this with subs, but I've only seen bits and pieces of the musical clips from it. I love the music in the movie!

Sorry you couldn't use the Brialy/Gainsbourg photo I sent ya. I sort of assumed you might write about their collaboration.

Another great post!

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Kimberly,
Sorry I haven't received that picture you mentioned otherwise I would have used it. Could you possibly resend it...apparently my email is acting up again.
Thanks and I'm glad you are enjoying the tribute.

cinebeats said...

Sorry you're having email troubles Jeremy and didn't get the pic I sent. I've sent it again and I hope you recieve it this time. I thought of you when I came across it. :)

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Kimberly,
I got that picture the second time through and it is amazing. I will post it on the blog later tonight....thanks for sending it.

Rogue Spy 007 said...

I've heard of "Anna" and seen some clips of it. I would love to see the entire movie. I love any of the music that Gainsbourg had his hands on. He was such a talented man. This clip was great. I loved it. The song was beautiful, plus I've always thought Marianne Faithfull rocked.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Rogue Spy...I agree with your thoughts on Marianne.
I really hope "Anna" gets its much deserved DVD release some day...thanks for continuing to read and comment.