Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Beineix's Moon In The Gutter Briefly Re-Appears

Imagine my surprise while flipping through the newest issue of "Sight and Sound" when I came across a striking photo of Nastassja Kinski in MOON IN THE GUTTER. The film and its motto, "Try Another World", is being used to kick off the magazines look at seventy-five hidden cinematic gems.
This blogs namesake has been forgotten by most and is becoming harder and harder to see so Nick James mention of it is most welcome. It is cool coincidence for me also in that I am getting ready to start my coverage of Coppola's ONE FROM THE HEART over at Nostalgia Kinky, a film that James astutely notes has major similarities with and heavily influenced Beineix's work.
The article has several favorite films of mine including some that I have covered or mentioned here on the blog here before. These include Roger Clarke's look at Borowczyk's DOCTEUR JEKYLL ET LES FEMMES (1981) in which he wisely praises Marina Pierro, Kim Newman blowing me away with a look at Robert Aldrich's HUSTLE (1975), Brad Stevens take on Ferrara's NEW ROSE HOTEL (1998), Tim Robey's look at David Koepp's great STIR OF ECHOES (1999) and Jonathan Romney's view on Robbe-Grillet's TRANS EUROPE EXPRESS (1966). One of this blogs best friends, Tim Lucas, has an interesting take on the 1931 French feature LE ROMAN DE RENARD that really makes me want to see the film, while Nick Roddick has a great take on one of my favorite De Palma films, the John Travolta, Nancy Allen thriller BLOW OUT.
It was a real pleasure to see some of these undervalued films and filmmakers that I have praised here in the past getting some love from these notable writers.
Also included is a long article comparing Brando and Olivier by Paul Ryan that I am really looking forward to. It's an interesting issue and I wanted to say how pleased I was to see Nick James, a writer I greatly admire, giving some positive thoughts to Kinski, Beineix and one of the eighties most interesting and little seen films.

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