Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pfeiffer At Fifty

Shortly before she died Pauline Kael noted very astutely that there had never been anything quite like Michelle Pfeiffer in the history of American cinema. From 1988's MARRIED TO THE MOB to 1993's THE AGE OF INNOCENCE, Pfeiffer had a fabulous run as someone with the comedic skills of Carole Lombard, the heavy dramatic chops of a Jessica Lange and an extraordinary face that was simply beyond compare.
Michelle turns fifty next year and here is a recent photo of her in the upcoming STARDUST. If fifty is the new thirty for most women, then it is apparently the new twenty for Pfeiffer. In an exceedingly plastic Hollywood she remains remarkably untouched and, to my eyes, flawless.
I just wanted to pay a little tribute to a favorite that I haven't saluted yet on this blog, and since Pfeiffer is returning to the screen for the first time in almost five years it seemed like a good time for it. Whether or not her upcoming films turn out to be interesting or not remains to be seen, regardless of their quality I am very happy to have her back.


Rogue Spy 007 said...

It's hard to believe that Michelle Pfeiffer is 50. I've been seeing her doing press for "Hairspray." She's still gorgeous. I was crushing on her big time in the late 80's and early 90's. There are so many movies I saw her in and loved, everything from Married to the Mob to Dangerous Liasons to Fabulous Baker Boys to Batman Returns. She was great in all of them. I think she probably made some bad choices in the films she did after the early 90's, except for a few, but she's still a great actress and a knockout.

Jeremy Richey said...

She did make some very bad choice in the late nineties...I read an interesting interview with her several years ago where she said that she was aware of it. After she had children she made the choice that her films would have to come second so she chose roles that were quicker and less stressful. So it is hard to be to angry with her about it...I actually admire her a lot.
That period from 88-93 is amazing though, I think her work in "Fabulous Baker Boys" is one of the great American performances and also "The Russia House."
I also love some of her early work like "Into The Night" , "Ladyhwake" and of course "Scarface"
Anyway, I love her and wanted to say a few words about her...I can't believe she is turning fifty...makes me feel like my youth is slipping away..
thanks for commenting