Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sylvia Kristel Interview Links and Autobiography

Below I am hesitantly supplying a link to an interview with Sylvia Kristel that I don't find particularly well done. I find the interviewer's tone to be pretty disrespectful and I the title of the article is frankly ridiculous, Sylvia Kristel has been a alot of things in her life but 'porn star' isn't one of them. I am posting it though because Sylvia rarely gives English language interviews and I wanted to do a small part in promoting the release of her English language autobiography, which I am eagerly anticipating.
So here is an interview with one of my favorite actresses written by someone who probably isn't aware (or would care) that he is talking to an artist who managed to appear in films directed by Alain Robbe-Grillet, Roger Vadim, Walerian Borowczyk, and Claude Chabrol within the span of two years.
I am also including a second link that is a little better read and at least mentions Chabrol but doesn't go farther than that. The thing that I can most defiantly say about both of these interviews is that Sylvia seems a lot more 'respectful' than the people she is talking to. The third link is to a ten minute British radio interview in which you can actually hear Sylvia's still lovely Dutch accented voice.




Sylvia's English language translation of her French book NUE has been retitled UNDRESSING EMMANUELLE and it is available for pre-order at Amazon Canada or is ready to ship from the UK.


Rogue Spy 007 said...

I've loved Sylvia ever since I saw "Emmanuelle." She's more than just Emmanuelle. She was not a porn star. She did not make porn movies. "Emmanuelle" was an erotic film. She made films with a lot of great filmmakers. I despire when these elitists turn their noses up at anything of an erotic nature and consider all of it to be porn. I can't wait to read her autobiography to learn more about this beautiful, talented, and amazing woman. I loved hearing her voice. She has such a sexy accent.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Keith,
Yea I really hate hearing her described as a 'porn star'. Not that there is anything wrong with that if that is your field but it doesn't have anything to do with Sylvia or the films she made, it's just a term that these elitist journalists are using as a put down.
I did like the radio interview with her mostly for hearing her voice...it is frustrating because she worked with so many cool figures in seventies cinema but nobody is asking her about them...oh well, I do hope her book does well. She has had a lot of medical problems in the past decade and isn't rolling in the money so I hope she gets some good residuales from it...thanks for commenting.

Rogue Spy 007 said...

If you are a porn star, then more power to you. I guess I've always been more of a fan of Euro erotic films though. Sylvia being called a porn star was basically trying to put her down. These elitists are such snobs when it comes to nudity and sex of any nature. I did love hearing Sylvia's voice. She did make a lot of other good pictures, but this is what she's always remembered for. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's a film I've loved for years. I did hear that she had a lot of medical and financial problems over the years. I do hope she'll make some money off her book. She deserves a little happiness.

Cinebeats said...

Thanks for sharing these links. I loved reading about what she's up to now even if the article was written by an ass. When I'm 55 I want to have an art flat above some bar in Amsterdam myself where I write all day and wear long scarves.

Or a little cottage somewhere in the British countryside near Cambridgeshire. I haven't decided yet. ;D

Sylvia is fabulous!

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Kimberly,
I have seen a few of her paintings and she is really talented. I do hope her book does well and she can find a decent interviewer.
Thanks again to you both for commenting....

Jeremy Richey said...

I hope to get the English tranlation to her book in the next month or so and will be posting thoughts on it here in the future.
I hope the new edition has some photos, which is something the original French version was lacking...I'd love to see some more candid shots of her, what she looked like as a child, her parents, etc...