Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Antonioni, Some Other Tributes

“We have lost not only one of the greatest living directors but also a master of modern cinema. Without Antonioni, cinema would not have been the same.”
-Rome's Mayor Walter Veltroni-

Tributes to the great man are popping up all over the Internet. Here are the links to a few favorites for those interested.

Kimberly Lindberg's heartfelt and touching tribute can be found here at her fabulous Cinebeats blog:

Tim Lucas has posted an equally moving tribute at the unstoppable Video Watchblog:

Roger Ebert's look at the maestro can be found here:

Robert Monell's look at him can be found at his I'm In A Jess Franco State Of Mind blog:

A very interesting article by Fred Gardner can be found here:

Andrew Pulver lists his favorite Antonioni scenes here:

Here is an article detailing Italy's mourning of the great man:

Many more will of course pop up in the upcoming weeks. These are a few of the best that I have found so far for those interested.

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