Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ebay Alerts (Edwige In My Email)

Sifting through Ebay's listings these days is mostly like looking for something valuable you lost in a particularly deep garbage can. I used to peruse its listing for hours but rarely do anymore as there is just too much over-priced junk from un-reliable sellers. I do still enjoy their favorites selection where you can have item alerts emailed to you. So each morning I get up with my first cup of coffee and hope to find in my email some buried treasure that I probably can't afford, but at least knowing of its existence can at make my day.
Today I got this lovely pic of Edwige Fenech in my inbox and isn't it a beauty? This rare shot was apparently used to advertise 1969's BLONDE AND THE PUSSYCAT according to the Canadian seller, although the first film I thought of was THE SEDUCERS with Edwige and Rosalba Neri. Either way it is Edwige in 69 and it brightened my day a bit and reminded me that great stuff still pops up on Ebay. Enjoy the photo and cheers to the person who snags the original.


Rogue Spy 007 said...

What a great pic. Edwige is such a beauty. She's still gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Jeremy Richey said...

She really is something else isn't she? I love it when shots as rare as this pop up...