Friday, August 24, 2007

Nastassja On Cat People

Nastassja's bad experiences on the set of CAT PEOPLE have left her a little cold on the film throughout the years. At times she seems to admire it, while other times the experience behind the scenes clearly spoiled the film for her. Here are a few random quotes by her on the work.

"It was very strange I should come to make this film. As a little girl we always had cats and I was fascinated by their grace, their mystery. I liked that about the film. I also liked the whole aspect of sensuality and aggression. Then, too, I love horror stories-so it was all those aspects that intrigued me...Irena is a character who fights for and with her destiny."

"What it really is about is love, the impossibility of love...that's what is interesting and special about it."

"CAT PEOPLE had some perfect moments...I have to be free. Like cats, you know, they're very independent. They cuddle when they want to."

"Schrader is very shy. He's cautious with people and doesn't open up to say very much. But what he does say is very precise. With Schrader, it's wonderful because you inspire each other. It's like a ladder. You and he hold each other's ladder. That lets the other climb higher and higher. That's what trust does. You can take those risks."

"If I were an animal, I'd be a fish or a bird."

"I didn't agree with the way the film was done. Overall I didn't like my performance in CAT PEOPLE at all. I wanted to do the movie in a much rougher way, getting more into the souls and passions of these people. Who cares about blood and flesh smeared all over the place? I blame myself because I listened to the director. I should have rebelled. I followed his path. I sort of melted into what Schrader thought was right. I used to think you had to do what the director tells you to do, but you can't. You have to put your own individuality into it, your own thoughts. I didn't. I let myself be trapped. I don't regret it, except that we didn't go where we had to go...Schrader should have taken all that other shit out that wasn't necessary and gone more deeply into the souls of the characters...he lied to me after all we'd been through. He knew exactly what he was doing."

"This movie was a big disillusionment to me. I'm not just a piece of meat they can use."

and finally this little bit from an Interview with her friend, Jodie Foster.

Jodie Foster: "What disappointed you about CAT PEOPLE? I love that film.

Nastassja: "You're kidding. My mother thought I showed too much nudity in CAT PEOPLE. You can still hint about the sexuality without seeing anything. It destroys the fantasy element of the film."


Rogue Spy 007 said...

I love this film. It's one of my favorites of the 80's. I thought she was amazing in it. Cats have always fascinated me. Most of the pets I've ever had were cats. This was a brilliant film, maybe not perfect, but still a wonderful picture. It's a shame that Nastassja didn't always have a good time making it, and also that she doesn't have many fond memories.

Jeremy Richey said...

Yea it's too bad. Hopefully one day, if not already, she can look back on it with pride and not think on the problems she had with Schrader and the studio. I'm a cat guy too by the way.