Monday, September 24, 2007

Full Circle: The Introduction

All throughout this week I will be paying tribute to one of my favorite all time films, Richard Loncraine's FULL CIRCLE (1977) aka THE HAUNTING OF JULIA. I first saw this chilling film in my early teens and it haunted my dreams for many years after until I had a chance to revisit it in my mid twenties. The film, starring Mia Farrow at the height of her powers, not only lived up to my memories of it but has seemed to improve with each passing year.
Regular posts will continue here throughout the week but I will be randomly posting a series of articles on FULL CIRCLE along with twelve rare French lobby cards that I just came into possession of. I hope the posts prove to be interesting.

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fred said...

"Full circle" is the fantastic movie i prefer with "The innocents" (Jack Clayton, "Long week end" (Colin Eggleston) and "The haunting of Hill house" (Robert Wise). "Full" circle", for me, is a best film than "Rosemary's baby". Its closing (superb circular travelling) is a marvellous moment rich of ambiguity. And the music of Colin Towns is from a genius. I have discovered the soundtrack (a LP collector), in 1990, in Avignon (France) where i lived when i was young and still a student of french litterature.