Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Images Of Peter Straub's Julia

FULL CIRCLE started out life as a creep and pretty splendid early Peter Straub novel rom the mid seventies. The book was a major success upon its release, which makes the indifference surrounding the release of Loncraine's major film all the more mysterious.
While there are obviously major differences between the book and film, they actually compliment each other nicely and I highly recommend Straub's work to those reading.
Here are a few various images that have appeared on varous reprintings of the book throughout the past thirty years.

Peter Straub has a fantastic website that is located at this address:


Cinebeats said...

I remember thinking that the book and film had a lot in common, but I haven't read it in ages so my memory is a bit fuzzy.

My own copy is a paperback with a very different cover than of the ones you posted and I must say that I think it's also a bit creepier than these. My copy has an image of an old and cracked dolls head on it with the words Julia written in white under the dolls eye.

Jeremy Richey said...

It's funny Kimberly, That is the same cover I discovered the book with but I don't have it handy to scan...I was struck by how unimaginative some of these covers were and I wish I could find a tie in one with the film...

Rogue Spy 007 said...

Hey Jeremy. What's funny is that I have actually read this book years ago, but never seen this film. I didn't realize this movie was based on that book. Shows how much I know. I remember that I liked the book. I know you said there are some differences, but that makes me want to see the movie that much more now that I remember reading the book of it.