Thursday, September 13, 2007

It Is A Good Time To Be A Mario Bava Fan

Tim Lucas over at Video Watchblog has posted the specs for Anchor Bay's upcoming second volume of the Mario Bava collection. I dare say that I am even more excited about this set than I was Volume One as it includes a whopping nine films. The films are BAY OF BLOOD, BARON BLOOD, ROY COLT AND WINCHESTER JACK, 5 DOLLS FOR AN AUGUST MOON, and FOUR TIMES THAT NIGHT. LISA AND THE DEVIL and RABID DOGS will round out the fantastic collection and they will both be accompanied by their controversial companions features, HOUSE OF EXORCISM and KIDNAPPED.
I am extremely excited about all of these DVDs and am hoping specifically that the sound on BAY OF BLOOD (TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE) has been upgraded from Image's disappointing dvd version of it.
All the extras look promising. I am huge fan of Tim' commentaries so I can't wait to hear the new ones. I am also curious about whether or not the listed HOUSE OF EXORCISM commentary with Alfredo Leone is a new one or if it is indeed the one currently available with the lovely Elke Sommer.
The set is currently up for pre-order at some insanely cheap prices and it promises to be one of the great releases of the fall.
The link to Video Watchblog, is as always, just to the right.

Sort of connected. I just stumbled across a fabulous Italian site dedicated to the legendary Nicoletta Elmi and thought I would provide the link. These iconic shots, from TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE and BARON BLOOD, are both taken from the site and the link is over at my 'Can't Stay Away From' section.


Rogue Spy 007 said...

This sounds fantastic. It does sound like a good time to be a fan of Mario Bava. What a great filmmaker. I love his films. I need to get this when I get the extra cash. Several of my favorite films of his are up there.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks has it for pre-order for only thirty dollars!!! What an incredible deal...