Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nastassja On Exposed

Nastassja has not spoken much on EXPOSED since its release. This shouldn't take away from the fact that EXPOSED is one of Nastassja's great performances and the film is one of her most important.
Here are a few short quotes I found by Nastassja on the film, Nureyev, and Toback.

"I guess I've been a creature of the directors imagination. You see, I want to get a glimpse of his eyes searching out things inside of me. I want to go to hell and heaven for him. I want to make his dreams come true."

"This movie is why we're alive. It is why you were born and I was born. If we die when this movie is finished it won't matter, because this is it."

"EXPOSED is a film and an experience I truly love."

"Meeting Rudy was like a legend, like a ghost. Just to meet him, to watch him, to listen to him was great! He has grace and strength, a joy and music within. And he has also the most tremendous beauty and charm. We got along very well in a short time and had so much in common. It was strange. I can't put it into words. Think of a situation where you look at each other and don't even have to say anything or where there is meaning between the words. The music that happens between two people can be just unbelievable."

"I quite like EXPOSED and didn't think I would...I foresaw something bad...EXPOSED may not be perfect all over, but I liked it."

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