Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Beineix's The Moon In The Gutter at Nostalgia Kinky

Slowly but surely my tribute to the film that this blog took its name from is continuing at my Nastassja Kinski blog. So far I have posted some of the original scathing critical reactions the film received, some rare clippings, quotes by Nastassja, as well as some notes on the soundtrack and original David Goodis novel.
I will hopefully be posting my long review, and defense, of the film by the weekend. I will also be looking at Beineix's career, and will be sharing some of his own thoughts on the film.
This inventive and challenging film, which obviously means a lot to me, had its disastrous Cannes Film Festival premiere 24 years ago this year, and I hope my posts on it prove interesting. I recently came across a quote by Nastassja herself which I thought summed it's polarizing reaction up nicely, "It touches something they don't want to have touched."
I invite anyone interested over to take a look.


Rogue Spy 007 said...

Thanks Jeremy. I'll have to go back over and check it out. I do look forward to all those postings about this film. I know how much itmeans to you. It's the namesake of your blog after all. You've done a great job covering her various films. Most I've never seen or even heard of. It's definitely given me a new appreciation for Nastassja.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks so much Keith...If I can do that then the Nastassja blog is doing its job...thanks again

mike said...

I traded for a copy of this about a year ago but haven't sat down and watched it yet. I'm definitely curious about it. I normally don't ask questions like this, but should I watch the movie before or after I read the review?

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Mike,
It is a difficult film to attempt to review but my upcoming look at will have some spoilers...honestly though it is the look and not the plot of the film that is key...I will try to keep my look at relatively free of too much plot specifics if I can...hope you enjoy the film when you get to see it.
Thanks for the comments