Thursday, October 4, 2007

These Stats Give Me The Willies

Just five minutes after submitting my list of 31 Films That Give You The Willies to Ed at Shoot The Projectionist I realized I had managed to leave out both THE WICKER MAN and CEMETERY congratulate me as the most incompetent blogger of the year...otherwise I like my list and hope to post it later this weekend with some notes. Here are the stats for it which might only be of interest to me but I thought were worth posting...

60's-1 film
70's-a whopping 20 films
80's-5 films
90's-1 film
00's-4 films

BY GENRE (loosely):


So as you can gather I decided to just vote for films past 1960 and only included one film per director, otherwise the Italians would have dominated. I will try and post the actual list later in the weekend. Ed's great blog, Shoot The Projectionist, is linked just over to the right for those who would like to participate.


Neil Sarver said...

Remind me to kick your ass if The Wicker Man doesn't make it on the nominee list. Aside from that, I'm still looking forward to your list. The stats only make it more intriguing...

Jeremy Richey said...

Trust me Neil,
I will kick my own ass if The Wicker Man doesn't make it...I am truly disturbed that I left it off...and totally amazed as the limited Anchor Bay Wooden Box version is on display close to my computer and I see it everyday!!! has to be on there though.

Rogue Spy 007 said...

I'm interested in seeing what your list is. I can't even imagine doing such a list. There are so many great horror films. I do think my list would be dominated by those from the 60's and 70's.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Keith,
I tried to nominate less obvious ones and will be posting them later this weekend...

Ed Hardy, Jr. said...

Don't worry, both WICKER MAN and DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE have already been nominated. Don't forget to put them on your list for the final vote!

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Ed,
Very good news...I can't believe I forgot to include those two.

Neil Sarver said...

Yay! One less ass-kicking I have to deal with... and a relief regarding a couple that ought to rank highly on my ranked list. The Wicker Man ought to be #2.

Jeremy Richey said...

The Wicker Man is going to be extremely high on my list as well so I am glad that it is going to be one of the nominees...thanks Neil.

dany boom said...

thats a shot taken on the set of "trouble every day," isnt it ?

love that film. i tmakes sense if thats the director, and shes art directing the splatter.

what a movie ! great blog too. i heard about the mechanic thorugh eric red. ill try and find it.


Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Dany,
That is Trouble Every Day...I just posted my final list of nominees with some wordson it...thanks for commenting

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