Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jean Seberg Birthday Celebration (Her Directors)

Jean had a widely varied film career in both Hollywood and in Europe. She worked with many of the most interesting directors of the period including Otto Preminger, Jean-Luc Godard, Romain Gary, Robert Rossen, Claude Chabrol, Joshua Logan, George Seaton, Pasquale Squitieri, Juan Antonio Bardem and Philippe Garrel.
Jean also directed herself in the ultra rare short BALLAD FOR BILLY THE KID in 1974. I would love to see a copy of that, as well as her first film with Gary (1968's BIRDS IN PERU), someday.
Here are some photos of Jean and some of her best directors through the years.
Being Directed By Otto Preminger on the set of her first film, SAINT JOAN (1957).

With Jean-Luc Godard, who directed her in the astonishing BREATHLESS (1960).

Three shots of Jean and her husband, novelist Romain Gary, who directed her in BIRDS IN PERU and KILL (1972).

Finally, here is a shot of Jean with one of her final directors, Dennis Berry, who directed her in 1975's THE GRAND DELIRIUM.

I will keep a look out for some more photos of Jean with her directors, and will add any that I can find. I would love to find a shot of her and Chabrol on the set of ROAD TO CORINTH, but haven't as of yet.


MjMaddox said...

Please tell me the source of the photo of Otto Preminger coaching Jean Seberg.

Thanks, M. J. Maddox

Jeremy Richey said...

Hi MJ,
I've had that in my collection for awhile...not sure where it originated from as I have seen it on several different sites...a larger version can be found here:

sorry I can't be of more help