Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thoughts On The Final 31 Flicks List

Ed at Shoot The Projectionist has posted the results of the 31 Flicks That Give You The Willies list. I ended being extremely unhappy with my final list of nominees (the one that I submitted to Ed based on other people's choices) so I am not going to post it here. Finally the idea of just selecting 31 films was just too overwhelming and I think my final list reflected that.
Of the final choices, I suppose I am a bit surprised by how mainstream it turned out to be. Obviously the exclusion of Mario Bava is extremely disappointing, and the list's overwhelming American slant is a bit upsetting. I am glad to see SUSPIRIA ranked so high and the Franju is most welcome, but I am stunned to see THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and THE DESCENT on there over films like KILL BABY KILL and INFERNO.
I know Ed put a lot of work into the list and I congratulate him for getting it together. The first list of nominees was refreshingly diverse, and I think in the end a lot more interesting than the final list.
I have a feeling the runner up list that Ed will be posting will be a lot more interesting and eclectic. In the meantime mourn the fact that THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (a film whose appeal will always escape me) is considered a better film by some than THE WICKER MAN...and join me, if you will, in celebrating that the name M. Night Shyamalan is nowhere on the list.


Tim Lucas said...

Lists are poison. And here are my reasons:

1. Anyone who assigns their tastes to a number system is just too mathematical for me.

2. My own tastes change all the time. I call this an open mind. Today's 4 is tomorrow's 7, and that's the way I've always said it should be.

3. The vox populi always wins, and they don't know nothin'. (See the White House.)

4. No Bava on the list? Pfffft! (I guess you can tell this list didn't have MY input!)

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Tim,
For what it's worth, KILL BABY KILL was near the top of mine. I think actually that six of my top ten were Italian...

Thanks for the comments...

Dread said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. The list of nominees was far more interesting than the final 31.

Lastyear said...

Actually I thought the list pretty good.Although I too have never understand the popularity of Blair Witch Project.I think Italian horror films are a required taste.I like a few Argento's but have never much cared for Bava and find Fulci a hack on the level of Herschell G Lewis.Personally I would have liked to have seen Funny Games or The Vanishing on the final list.

Neil Sarver said...

Kill, Baby... Kill! was likewise near the top of mine. In fact, the top of my list contained only one concession to movies I felt stood a really good chance of making the final list was Night of the Living Dead, which I was hoping would be #1.

As it goes, I agree that the list of nominees (especially along with the list of runners-up) was much more interesting... and in some ways quite interesting.

But, yes, lists have a way of evening out everything too terribly interesting. How many Bava fans voted for Black Sunday or Black Sabbath instead and how many Corman fans voted for Pit and the Pendulum while other voted for Tomb of Ligeia... at least high on their lists so both got the boost.

I also agree with Tim that the mathematical system is goofy. I was touching on that a bit in calling my own list "The 31 Horror Movies I Felt Like Voting For In This Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Seven".

So, my big hope is that a few people who would other wise might take a chance on things like Night of the Hunter, Carnival of Souls, The Brood, The Wicker Man, Eyes Without a Face, Don't Look Now and/or Suspiria and those experiences could lead them to some of the other choices that we all miss on there... or perhaps they'll start other interesting choices off the list of nominees.

When seen as a potential jumping off point for people to explore what horror has the potential for, while it's far from perfect, it does place a solid handful of titles that are a bit off the beaten path for people to see right along comfortable familiar titles. Unlike, say, the Film Community Top 100, which was utterly lacking in unfamiliar titles.

At least, that's how I've decided to look at it.

cinebeats said...

I hate these poll things. I'm done with them forever I tells ya!

As Tim said, lists are poison and they always offer more information about what people haven't seen, instead of what they have seen.

I actually enjoyed The Blair Witch Project, but it wouldn't make any kind of "favorites list" and I hated The Decent. I didn't find it scary at all. Just annoying and boring. I feel sort of bad about not liking it since it's supposed to be "girl power" horror, but I thought the whole good wife vs. bad slut stuff in the movie was just horribly done and I was never frightened by the cave creatures. The movie failed to build suspense. I'm glad I'm not the only person who thought that movie stunk.

Any time I come across a list of best horror or suspense films without The Innocents listed, I'm forced to personally dismiss it. With the death of Freddie Francis and Deborah Kerr this year I figured it had a good chance to make the list, but obviously I was kidding myself.

Neil Sarver said...

I look at it as a lot of this is decided also by people such as Shannon the Movie Moxie who said in her comment on October Horror - Random Comments On "The 31 Flicks That Give You The Willies" by Bob Turnbull, where she says, "There were a fair number of films I hadn't seen - they go on the list for next year!", as opposed to those of us for whom horror is a full time pursuit, so obviously it will be, as Kimberly says, more about what people haven't seen than what they have, which is definitely depressing when you look at it that way.

Rogue Spy 007 said...

I feel bad now that I never voted in this. I got so caught up with work and life itself. Oh well. Too late now. I am disappointed to see so much mainstream horror. I do guess that much of what many of us like is considered too cult and an acquired taste. Give me Mario Bava or some other Italian master any day of the week over "The Blair Witch Project" (which I enjoyed, but is overrated.