Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tina Aumont on DVD

These wonderful shots of the late Tina Aumont, who we lost just over a year ago, just popped up from a Mexican seller on Ebay. Aumont was a fascinating figure who deserves more recognition, and I love to see rare shots like these appearing.
Although she made over fifty films in her forty year career, the talented Aumont is sorely underrepresented on DVD, with most of her Region 1 DVDS that were on the market out of print. The out of print include important titles like Roger Vadim's THE GAME IS OVER (1966), Joseph Losey's great MODESTY BLAISE (also 1966), Sergio Martino's essential TORSO (1972), and Susanne Ofteringer striking documentary NICO ICON (1995).
Thankfully one of Tina's greatest films, Bernardo Bertolucci's PARTNER (1968), is still available in NoShame's fantastic double disc set. You can also still see her in Sandy Whitelaw's interesting LIFESPAN (1974), Tinto Brass' outrageous SALON KITTY (1977) and Jean Rollin's TWO ORPHAN VAMPIRES (1996). It also looks like Mauro Bolognini's 1974 Catherine Deneuve vehicle DRAMA OF THE RICH, in which Tina had a smaller role, has just recently been released as THE MURRI AFFAIR.
A few more titles are available on import and can be found here at the always great Xpolited cinema.
Of the many films Aumont made that I have seen, and would love to get quality DVD releases, some of the most notable are, Michael Gordan's TEXAS ACROSS THE RIVER (1966) an odd western which paired Aumont with Dean Martin and Alain Delon, Luigi Bazzoni's MAN, PRIDE AND VENGEANCE (1968) which teamed Tina with Klaus Kinski and Franco Nero, Tinto Brass' early film THE HOWL from 1972, Salvatore Samperi's great Laura Antonelli sex comedy MALICIOUS (1973) and of course Fellini's 1976 epic CASANOVA.
There are many more that are more than deserving a home video release, some I have seen while many I haven't, and hopefully one day the works of Tina Aumont will be easier to track down.
Aumont is currently also fairly underrepresented online but here are a couple pages of interest.
A mostly photo site can be found here.
A MySpace tribute page can be viewed here.


Rogue Spy 007 said...

Hey Jeremy. Great write-up. Tina was definitely a beautiful and talented, but underrated, actress. I've seen her in a few films, such as Salon Kitty and Modesty Blaise. It's a shame that she's never gotten the recognition she deserved. I'll have to check out that tribute on MS.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Keith...I love her, she had such a unique and original quality about her. Fascinating life as wel...someone should write a book on her...

cinebeats said...

I enjoyed all the recent Tina and Jean eye-candy! Both great ladies who made some great films.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Kimberly...these two shots of Tina just kill me. She was unbelievably lovely...