Friday, December 28, 2007


I was thrilled to return home from Christmas to find my BLADE RUNNER five DVD briefcase waiting for me. I panicked for a moment as the box it was shipped in had popped open but thankfully nothing had been damaged or tampered with.
I got number 6,530 out of the limited 103,000 run. The packaging is beautiful (the case even has a handle!) and I am frankly blown away by how many hours of extras there are. So far I have just had time to watch Ridley's Final Cut which is breathtaking and I have just started diving into the documentaries.
I have so much to watch now thanks to Christmas gifts including the complete SEINFELD collection, Criterion's new BREATHLESS set and the TWIN PEAKS Gold Box that I am a bit overwhelmed. For the next couple of days though it is definitely this magnificent BLADE RUNNER collection. I am still amazed that it is actually out after so many years of waiting.


Lastyear said...

I have just watched this on HD(One of the reasons I finally got an HD player)and it looks incredible.The extras are also very good.You should enjoy this.

Rogue Spy 007 said...

Hey Jeremy. It sounds like you got some really cool stuff for Christmas. The Blade Runner package sounds awesome. I love that movie. I'm sure you are going to really enjoy all the special features, etc. up there. Have fun with it and all your other dvds.

Steve Langton said...

You have some good stuff there, Jeremy. I got the BR set for Xmas and, like you, have just started on the extras. Watched an hour of the 'Dangerous Days' doc and was most releuctant to have to leave it until I had more time. Hope you post your thoughts on TWIN PEAKS and BREATHLESS: I'm considering ordering the latter, which is neck and neck with ELEVATOR TO THE GALLOWS at the top of my future purchases list.

Neil Sarver said...

I couldn't bring myself to pay the extra $20-30 for the extra disk and packaging. I assume I'll go to Scarecrow eventually and rent the fifth disk... or rather the 5 disk edition, for purposes of watching the fifth disk.

I'm thoroughly enjoying having the four however. I've watched most of the two extras DVDs and have started into commentaries and such.