Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Christmas Wish List

There are many, many hard to find film that I would like very much to see. Recently Out 1 had their contributors list some of their most wanted so I thought I would do the same. Christmas would fall on any day I would be lucky enough to see any of these pictures.

1. ALICE: Claude Chabrol's film starring Sylvia Kristel is at the top of my list. The beguiling stills and descriptions I have read of it make it sound like it is one of the great man and actresses key works.

2. JOE CALIGULA: Almost all of Jose Benazeraf's works are hard to find but this particular 1966 title is among the ones I most would like to see.

3. MERRY-GO-ROUND: Jacques Rivette's long version of this Joe Dallesandro-Maria Schneider film has had a troubling distribution history since it first premiered. My love for all three involved makes this another key missing film in my collection.

4. THE INNER SCAR: This Phillipe Garrel film starring Nico is so hard to get a hold of that clips from it were actually removed from NICO-ICON to secure that film a DVD release.

5. BIRDS IN PERU: This Romain Gary-Jean Seberg collaboration sounds really nuts, and I suspect it is among the more haunting works of the period.

6. A PLACE FOR LOVERS: I don't care how bad this Vittorio De Sica production starring Faye Dunaway and Marcello Mastroianni is supposed to be. I would love to see it in all of its melodramatic glory.

7. PUZZLE OF A DOWNFALL CHILD: Another Faye Dunaway film, this time directed by SCARECROW mastermind Jerry Schatzberg.

8. PROCESS: You woulddn't think that a recent film would be so hard to track down, but this Beatrice Dalle film from just a couple of years ago is a really elusive title.

9. THE FUTURE IS A WOMAN: A good quality English subtitled print of this final collaboration between Ornella Muti and Marco Ferreri would make a splendid stocking stuffer.

10. THE TRUTH: Brigitte Bardot received the best reviews of her career in this 1960 Clouzet film that to my knowledge has not been seen in this country since its original premiere.


Pete Emslie said...

I was lucky enough to see Bardot in "The Truth" just several years ago when it ran at Toronto's Cinematheque as one of a series of Clouzot films. (I also finally got to see his "Diabolique" at that time, too!) "The Truth" really is a first rate film about a girl on trial for killing her lover in what is claimed to be a "Crime of Passion". Apparently, the French are far more understanding when that's the circumstance under which murder is committed. Anyway, it's a terrific film that coincidentally is also on my wishlist for films that would get a DVD release. I'm really surprised that Criterion hasn't been able to snag this one yet.

Rogue Spy 007 said...

What a great Christmas wish list. I love it. I think all 10 films sound like worthwhile viewing. I especially would like to see #1 and #3. I'm a big fan of all those involved.

Lastyear said...

I have seen 3 of these altho not recently.Puzzle of a Downfall Child I found rather dull-far inferior to the directors next film Scarecrow.The DeSica is probably his worst a very maudlin romance-she's dying of a unnamed disease but looks great to the end.Birds is Peru is interesting by being one of the worst films Ive ever seen.And Ive seen a lot of bad ones.The Rivette,Chabrol and Clouzet I would like to see.Rivette's masterpiece Celine & Julie Go Boating also needs a DVD release.It's hard to belive that that are still so many films not on DVD(African Queen?)while The Evil Dead gets a new incarnation every 6 months(I like The Evil Dead but it has how many reissues now?)

Cinebeats said...

This is a terrific list! I've seen clips from Alice & The Inner Scar, and both look amazing. The only film I have seen is Puzzle of a Downfall Child many many years ago on TV and I can remember it being very over the top and Faye Dunaway looked amazing in it! I would love to see it again.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Pete...That is so coll you got to see THE TRUTH. It is one I have wanted to see for years. I love Bardot and I have heard she is amazing in it...hopefully since it is Clouzot it will get a DVD eventually...

Thanks Keith...I will let you know if I track either one of those down...

Thanks LastYear for sharing your thoughts on the ones you have is amazing and annoying how much shelf space EVIL DEAD occupies. I just read yet another edition is getting ready to come out. (I like EVIL DEAD by the way but damn!)

Thanks Kimberly,
PUZZLE has really interested me as I love SCARECROW and Dunaway in this period. Thanks for the comments and all your help...

Mike White said...

I can get you a couple of those. I've been waiting on subtitles for ALICE for a while and hope to get those someday. A few of those are also on my "wanted" list.