Thursday, December 13, 2007

Golden Globe Nominations Announced

Several of my favorite films of the year have received Golden Globe nominations, including MICHAEL CLAYTON, EASTERN PROMISES and NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. ATONEMENT leads the pack with seven, and I am extremely excited to see this film later in the month.
I am particularly happy to see that Angelina Jolie's great performance in A MIGHTY HEART wasn't forgotten and that Patricia Arquette's continuing great work in television's MEDIUM is still getting attention.
I am extremely disappointed by the absence of several names. EASTERN PROMISES and THERE WILL BE BLOOD were both nominated for best picture but the names David Cronenberg and Paul Thomas Anderson are absent from the directors category. Richard Gere seems to always be ignored even though he continues to give great performance after great performance, and his brilliant work in THE HOAX continues that streak.
Also where is ZODIAC and how was Naomi Watts not nominated for her work in EASTERN PROMISES? Oh well, it's still not a bad list and any year that John C. Reilly is up for an award can't be considered a bad one. The full list can be read at the above link.


Brandon Colvin said...

We have almost the same issues with the nominations. The noms are fairly solid. I was hoping to see "Knocked Up" nominated really badly.

Jeremy Richey said...

I meant to mention KNOCKED UP and SUPERBAD as well...Judd Apatow is a major figure and I love his films...thanks for commenting

Out 1 Online said...

Where is "Zodiac" indeed!

I think "Atonement" is a really good film (4 stars out of 5 in your system of rating.) I may like it more b/c I met Joe Wright and he was awesome, but whatever. I'm not as huge on "Michael Clayton" as you and some others, but I still think its a really good film and deserving. As far as foreign stuff, I think "Diving Bell" is pretty overrated but still a good film. I am crossing my fingers for "4 Months..." to take everything. It is astonishing.

All I do is complain about the Oscars and the Globes, but I can't help but follow them like crazy! Argh!

Rogue Spy 007 said...

Basically I have the same views on the nominations as you do.