Sunday, December 30, 2007

Joe Dante Film Poll Results

Thanks to everyone who voted on last weeks poll focusing on the films of Joe Dante. This actually turned out to be my most successful poll so far, which surprised me since it was Christmas week. Here are the results for the poll, and a couple of shots featuring Candice Rialson from one of Dante's best, HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD.

2. GREMLINS (32)
3. PIRANHA (26)
4. GREMLINS 2 (26)
9. MATINEE (11)
11. THE BURBS (5)

Thanks again to everyone who participated and thanks to Joe Dante for giving us so many consistently inventive and brilliant films. It is to his credit that one of his more recent films, THE HOMECOMING, ranked so high. Here's to many more years of great filmmaking.

This weeks new poll will be posted later today. Also, my look at Bob Clark's BLACK CHRISTMAS should be appearing at The Amplifier soon, which is why I am not posting it here this weekend.


Lastyear said...

Rankings are pretty much as I would have expected except for the rather low rating of Matinee(one of my favorites)and the rather high rating of Small Soldiers(my least favorite).Matinee may not have been as widely seen as a lot of his other films.

Tim Lucas said...

I'm very surprised that MATINEE (my own choice) ranked so low; I can only surmise that its lack of availability as an official DVD release over the past decade has hurt it. Universal needs to reissue this. I can't imagine that THE SECOND CIVIL WAR, another of Joe's best films and one of his most obscure (though it IS on DVD), would have done much better had it been included on your list, but his "It's a Good Life" segment of TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE, might have.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks LastYear,
They were about like I expected as well and I was surprised by how high SMALL SOLDIERS was too.

Thanks Tim,
I wonder why MATINEE isn't on DVD? I must admit it has been years since I have seen it but I remember really loving it.
I do wish I would have included the other films you mentioned (and his second season MASTERS OF HORRORS episode) but for some reason I decided to leave them out...for some reason when I am creating these polls once I go over five or six selections I have to hit 'save' each time before I can add anymore so it becomes quite tedious. Lame excuse I know, and I wish I would have included them...thanks to you both for the comments...

aaron said...

MATINEE's low placing also perplexes me -- it's my favourite, and a perfect summation of what I love about Dante's films. In fact, if I had to pick just one scene from any of his films as an exemplary moment of his cinema, I'd have to select John Goodman's walk-and-talk about cavemen drawings being the first films.

olmer said...

hi, I am now logged on google...
I think small soldiers is a great film ... and matinee too! and hollywood boulevard is awsome! but I voted for the howling. all the dante movies are great (homecoming is one of the 10 best films of the decade) but it is difficult to know the best. they are almost equals.
I saw joe dante this year at egyptian theatre in L.A.! I was introduced to him! he is incredibly smiley and kind. his face is amazing! we watched "711 ocean drive". yeah!!!

Steve Langton said...

I also voted for MATINEE and was surprised not to see it higher. It didn't do good business in the UK, but remains one of my favourite Dante films.

Jeremy Richey said...

Wow Olmer that is very cool you got to mee Dante. I am envious...

thanks to everyone for the comments...I officially have to get a copy of MATINEE now!