Monday, January 14, 2008

Alain Delon Box Coming In March

Filmbo's Chick Magnet has reported that Lions Gate is going to be releasing an Alain Delon box set in the late part of March. The titles include DIABOLICALLY YOURS (1967), LA PISCINE (1969), THE WIDOW COUDERC (1971), LE GITAN (1975) and NOTRE HISTOIRE (1984).
I am especially thrilled to see LA PISCINE (THE SWIMMING POOL) and DIABOLICALLY YOURS finally hitting region one disc, as they are two of my favorite Delon films. Kimberly from Cinebeats posted an excellent look at DIABOLICALLY YOURS a few months back that can be read here.
It's thrilling to see more of Delon's work becoming more readily available stateside and this set looks to be one of the essential purchases of 2008. Thanks to Filmbo's Chick Magnet for posting this information.


Cinebeats said...

This is great news! I commented over at Filmbo's blog as well, but thanks for remembering my old review. I really hope the quality of the new Diabolically Yours DVD is better then the awful Televista one.

I had read that a Delon DVD boxset was scheduled to be released this year, but I sort of assumed it would contain the films that were in the Optimum Delon set released last year in the U.K. Obviously I was wrong, and I'm a little disappointed that Traitement de Choc isn't coming out. Oh well, I can't complain too much! I hope the DVD set contains some nice extras ike interviews with Delon.

There's so many great DVDs coming out in 2008 that I'm sort of stunned by them all. January alone has been amazing! I hope to finally return to doing my DVD picks of the week this week, but I've been busy compiling a "Best of the Year" list and it's slow going. I've also been sick which is a drag and dealing with lots of family stuff.

Last but not least, I really should get working on my Delon blog, but I just never have enough free time for it. C'est la vie!

Jeremy Richey said...

I hope you get to feeling better...sorry to hear you have been under the weather. The holidays can be rough!

Yea, 2008 is just a couple of weeks in and I am already feeling overwhelmed with all the great stuff coming out. I will definately get this Delon it looks to be resonably priced which is a big plus. Fingers are crossed for some extras!

Thanks for the comment

Rogue Spy 007 said...

This is fantastic. He's one of my favorite actors. I've been watching some of his films from the 70's and 80's recently, such as Scorpio with Burt Lancaster. I love his earlier work as well. Getting ready to watch Purple Noon again sometime this week. There aren't enough of his films out there on DVD. The man deserves much better. I do hope that this set will have some good special features like some interviews with Alain Delon. I've never heard much actually from him. It would be great.