Friday, January 25, 2008

Beineix's Moon In The Gutter At Ebert's Site

A couple of weeks after casually mentioning Beineix's MOON IN THE GUTTER in his new review of DIVA, Roger Ebert is now featuring an article he wrote on Nastassja Kinski at Cannes in 1984 as one of the lead stories over at his site. I've always liked this portrait of Kinski and I was quite stunned to see it suddenly reappearing as one of his top stories with a lovely shot of her from Beineix's film.
Visit the above link for Ebert's talk with Kinski and some of his views on the film that inspired my main blogs name. Also my best to Roger Ebert who I know has gone back into the hospital. I wish him a quick and speedy recovery.

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