Monday, January 14, 2008

Can I Have My Hour Back?

Last night's network broadcasting of the Golden Globe Awards was an incredibly strange, disappointing and at time distasteful affair. It was depressing enough to have the ceremony cancelled but the weird 'Entertainment Tonight' like commentary offered by Billy Bush and Nancy O'Dell (who are these people?) gave everything a very cheap and false feel. Perhaps it was the best the network could put together but less than halfway through I started to wish they would have just printed the results and done away with any kind of broadcast.
The winners were mostly not surprising. I suppose all of the people who have gone out of their way to attack and criticize Diablo Cody can celebrate this morning as JUNO was shut out completely. My favorite film of the year, MICHAEL CLAYTON, also received zero awards. I was happy to see ATONEMENT win best picture and Julian Schnabel snagging the best director prize offered the evening's only real pleasant surprise. I haven't seen AWAY FROM HER yet but I must admit that I felt a tinge of disappointment when Angelina Jolie didn't win best actress for her astonishing turn in A MIGHTY HEART.
I am totally puzzled by the acclaim being given to SWEENEY TODD, which I thought was among the worst films Tim Burton has ever made and one of the least interesting performance of Johnny Depp's career.
All in all, it was a depressing hour of television made worse by the advertisements for the network's other shows, almost all of which reminded me why I don't watch television anymore.


James Hansen said...

I am interested in all the different reactions to SWEENEY TODD from a lot of different people. As written on Out 1, I found the film one of Burton's most assured and definitive films as well as finding each of the performances pretty enlightening. Now, I admit my obsession with the show but it seems like (maybe other than JUNO) SWEENEY is dividing people the most along love/hate lines. There are other disagreements about what won, but I haven't found anyone who really loathes ATONEMENT or is having a battle over it.

I'm deciding whether to start something up over Schnabel though. I really really didn't like DIVING BELL at all. Sure handed directing maybe and good cinematography, but it's a scam as far as I am concerned. I'm just praying that we actually get an Oscars ceremony and don't have to listen to Billy Bush comment on "indie" films that he has clearly never heard of.

Jeremy Richey said...

Tim Burton's films always leave me a bit cold and I hate broadway musicals so I expected to be pretty underwhelmed by TODD. It is certainly worthwhile and is beautiful to watch, I just couldn't connect with it...I adored Helena in it though...

I haven't seen DIVING BELL yet. Love Emmanuelle Seigner and am curious about it. I was frankly just glad to see something surprising happen last night.

I am a bit nervous about the Oscars this year. I have read they are going to happen no matter what but I suspect we might be hearing a lot of, "so and so isn't here this evening so we would like to accept this award on their behalf."

Sucks because it was such a strong year...

Anyway, thanks for the thoughtful comments...much appreciated

Rogue Spy 007 said...

I didn't even watched the Golden Globes this year. I didn't figure I would care much for the show. From what I've been hearing, I sure didn't miss much. I saw the list of winners and that was good enough for me. I haven't seen Sweeney Todd, but my sister and some of my friends have seen it. None of them liked it at all. Some downright hated it. I just wish something could be done to make the Oscars the show it should be.