Sunday, January 6, 2008

Odds And Ends: Maria's Lovers

MARIA'S LOVERS would mark the end of an era for Nastassja as it would be her last English language film for almost a decade that would garner any real serious critical and popular acclaim. The film was also important in that would garner Nastassja one of the only major awards for her acting she ever received. It remains one of her finest performances and one of the best films she ever appeared in.
The biggest collectible for fans of MARIA'S LOVERS is the elusive soundtrack, however the film also had many desirable promotional items and different poster designs...some of which I have highlighted here.
I will begin my coverage of Nastassja's next film, HAREM, later this week an will soon be looking at the disastrous REVOLUTION... a work that effectively ended Nastassja's initial period in America.
I hope everyone here enjoyed my look at MARIA'S LOVERS and that it might cause a few to give it a first or perhaps even second look. It is a special film that has been under the radar for too long.
My posts on HAREM will begin later this week.

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