Thursday, February 14, 2008

Composer John Corigliano's Revolution

One of the great ironies in the story of Hugh Hudson’s ill fated REVOLUTION is that one of its greatest assets, the rather breathtaking score by Academy Award winning composer John Corigliano, has never seen the light of the day on a soundtrack release. The score to the film is never less than effective in the film and is at times truly sublime. Pacino’s mentioning of how he wished REVOLUTION would have been more like a silent film (i.e. with less dialogue and more of the score) seems pretty dead on as the film’s biggest problem is the script.
Corigliano was born in the winter of 1938 in New York City. Since coming into prominence in the sixties, Coriglian has rightly been hailed as one of the most important modern composers around, winning multiple awards and mountains of respect from his peers.
His first film score came when he was hired on by classical music buff Ken Russell for his creepy and masterful ALTERED STATES in 1980. This would garner Corigliano a lot of notice which led him to Hugh Hudson and REVOLUTION a few years later.
He has only scored one feature since, 1998’s THE RED VIOLIN, but it would be that film that would garner him his first Academy Award.
While Corigliano’s score for REVOLUTION is currently unavailable, he did use portions of it in one of his acclaimed classical pieces after its release. For more on this and Corigliano’s career, please visit the following link.

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Rogue Spy 007 said...

Sometimes even if a film is not all that good, we can still find things that we love in it. Sometimes it's the beautiful cinematography or the score. This ones sound like it had both of those.