Monday, February 4, 2008

Nastassja On Pacino and Revolution

Nastassja was thrilled to be working with Pacino on REVOLUTION. She had called him one of her favorite actors before the production and has said the same thing since. Here are a few quotes from Nastassja on Pacino, Hugh Hudson and the most ill fated film of her career.

“For me, Al has been incredible. He’s very communicative. He’s not one of those actors who comes on the set and then leaves. We’re doing a lot of improvising and talking about the work. So in the end it just flows. I can’t tell you to what extent he’s helped me. He lets life come into the work, little accidents, things don’t wind up just the way they’re written.”

“I took the film REVOLUTION because the title sounded great to me, because that’s how I felt. Revolt against what’s wrong, revolt against what’s unjust-revolt against what’s half and half.”

Director Hugh Hudson had this to say about Nastassja after completing REVOLUTION:

“There’s something about her face that captures the rebel spirit of the young. No, she wasn’t difficult; she asked questions she had every right to ask. And in the end, she was willing to try everything”


Rogue Spy 007 said...

While I'm sure it was a disaster, it did give her a chance to work with Pacino. That's worth something in my book. Which was the bigger flop, this or Ishtar?

Jeremy Richey said...

I think added up, REVOLUTION was the bigger flop although ISHTAR got more press for it...